Truth Be Told (2nd Edition)

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You Can Trust Your Mother

There is a reason why Jesus, in His infinite wisdom, gave us the Church as our mother. She guides, she nurtures, she protects… she keeps us crazy kids in line.

Think of any great mom, and warm feelings of love will most likely overcome you. Moms just get it. They get the struggle of life and they know how to guide our hearts and minds toward a greater goal. Oh, and they know how to make a mean chocolate chip cookie. Truth Be Told is a one-stop-shop of questions and answers for those who don’t quite understand our Mom (well, Mother Church that is). Armed with 60 common questions about the Church and her teachings, this awesome resource offers both in brief and in depth responses. You’ll walk away from this book with not only the knowledge but also the confidence to respond to these questions with truth.

  • The Mission

  • Unique Features

  • About This Author

  • The Mission

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    Truth be Told aims to instill in the reader a confidence in proclaiming their faith with truth, knowledge, and love.
  • Unique Features

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    • Easily readable without lacking depth.
    • Thoughtful and well-supported answers to 60 of the most common questions about the Catholic Church and her teachings quickly referenced from the main table of contents.
    • “In brief” and “in depth” responses to each of those 60 questions.
    • Bolded quotes within each section to help identify important points.
    • Suggested reading for selected questions to help the reader go deeper.
    • Various Catechism, papal, and Scriptural quotes (and subsequent references) to help supplement and support each answer.
  • About This Author

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    Truth be Told is inspired by the curious human mind. All answers within are carefully authored by Mark Hart and Joe Cady and all source material is contributed to the incredibly wise and thoughtful forebearers of the Catholic Church. 

Who Needs It

Anyone wishing to thoughtfully and accurately defend the Catholic Church should invest in a copy of Truth be Told.

Using This Book

This book is great for personal, group, or discipleship use. Here are some great ways to get the most out of Truth be Told:

  • Small Group Discipleship resource
  • Confirmation Gift
  • Graduation Gift
  • Retreat Gift
  • Gift for Parishioners
  • Youth Ministry Office Resource