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T3 Revelation: The Lion and the Lamb - DVD

In this 4-part DVD series Mark Hart provides comprehensive teaching and commentary on the Book of Revelation. Teens will learn foundations for understanding Revelation, while discover its timeless significance and daily relevance. Each 30 minute presentation is designed to accompany a lesson in the T3 Revelation Student Workbook and Leader’s Guide, which contain the essential reading assignments, questions, suggested responses, and optional quizzes for the study.

About T3 Revelation:

In T3 Revelation: The Lion and the Lamb, Mark Hart calms the concerns and unpacks the myths about Revelation, the end times, the mark of the beast, and so much more. T3: Revelation gives your teens an invaluable foundation for understanding the book of Revelation, while pointing out its modern significance, practical application, and daily relevance to a teenager’s life.
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