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Life Support
Life Support
Life Support
Life Support
Life Support
Life Support
Life Support
Life Support
Life Support
Life Support
Life Support
Life Support
Life Support
Life Support
Life Support

Life Support

This subscription level provides you with three annual shipments of resources for high school youth. It includes access to the Franciscan and Life Teen certificate in youth ministry as well as Parent Life. 

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  • The Mission

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    The Life Support Subscription provides resources to high school youth ministry, small groups, and Sunday liturgies. Life Support provides high school youth ministers with resources for large group evangelization, small group discipleship, leadership development, retreats, training, and liturgical planning. 

  • Unique Features

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    Life Night Series Guide

    •         Topics from the USCCB framework for high school catechesis broken down into engaging, four session series
    •         Gather, Proclaim, Break, Send format
    •         Large group evangelization with small group discipleship

    Unleashed Missionary Discipleship Resource 

    •         Variety of topics ranging from prayer, apologetics, to service
    •         Designed for junior and seniors 
    •         Format varies from resource to resource
    •         Small group discipleship formation

    Life Teen Retreats

    •         Weekend retreats designed for high school teenagers 
    •         Variety of topics fit teenagers at any stage of faith development

    Core Team Retreats

    •         Day and weekend retreats written specifically for adults serving in ministry 

    Life Teen Video Support

    •         Inspirational, narrative, and teaching videos designed for high school youth
    •         3-4 videos per shipment

    USB Resources

    •         Parent Letters (In English and Spanish)
    •         Digital versions of all resources 
    •         Digital Handouts
    •         Social media images for Life Nights and Summit
    •         Environment images for Life Nights

    Extra Resources in Three Annual Shipments

    •         Music albums and download cards
    •         Life Teen toys
    •         Books for high school youth, adult leaders, and parents 

    Life Teen / Franciscan University Certificate in Youth Ministry 

    •         Unlimited adult Core Members can receive a certificate in youth ministry from Life Teen and Franciscan University with active subscription
    •         Innovative online platform tracks progress 
    •         Video teaching with suggested reading
    •         Six modules on theology and youth ministry best practices

    Parent Life Website

    •         Unlimited parent users with active subscription
    •         Relevant content for parents from counselors, therapists, youth ministers, priests, and other adolescent development and ministry professionals 
    •         Online access from any device 


    •         17-18 sessions per guide
    •         Designed for small group discipleship with high school teens in groups of 6-8
    •         Video reflection for every session
    •         Journal questions, prayers, and small group activities included with handouts
    •         Pairs perfectly with Ascend – A Companion to the Sunday Readings 

    Liturgy Planning Guide

    •         Homily suggestions for teens, written by a dedicated team of parish priests
    •         Song selections with full copyright and CCLI information for every Sunday
    •         Key words and themes for the readings
  • Designed For Use by

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    •         Priests, deacons, and any person that is involved with liturgical planning
    •         Youth Ministers, Core Members, small group leaders 
    •         Parents of high school teenagers
    •         Teen Peer Leaders
  • Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

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Age Range

14 years and older

Subscription Includes

3 Life Support shipments per year (September, January, May)

Life Teen large group resources for high school catechesis

Pre-written letters to parents and items to share about main topics each week

Parent Life access for all families

Discount to Flocknote and prepared messages with graphics

Retreat resources for high school & adults

High school Issue and Social Nights

Catechetical video resources

Summit Lectionary based discipleship resources

Unleashed Small group leadership resources for teenagers

Liturgical planning resources

Sample books for high school students and adults in each shipment

Social media support

Core Training Resources

Franciscan University Certification online training for Adult Core Team

Online access to over 7 years of high school curriculum & resources

Direct support from Life Teen myStaff

Access to a dedicated Life Teen Area Contact

Annual parish use of the Life Teen name and logo

Priority Registration for Select Events

(1) Life Teen, Edge, Life Night, and Edge Night are trademarked terms and permission for use are included with your subscription. At the termination of the subscription term, if a parish does not renew, right to use these terms is revoked until the subscription is renewed, even if the parish continues to use previously published materials.

(2) All materials included as part of the subscription are copyright protected and reproduction, duplication, publishing, or sharing of materials with non-subscribing parishes or entities is prohibited without prior written permission. This includes publication on parish websites, social media, YouTube, or any other platform designed for the transmission of video, print, or digital resources.