Edge Support and Liturgy Support
Edge Support and Liturgy Support
Edge Support and Liturgy Support
Edge Support and Liturgy Support
Edge Support and Liturgy Support
Edge Support and Liturgy Support

Edge Support and Liturgy Support

Edge Support and Liturgy Support Subscription 

This subscription level provides you with online access to a multitude of resources for middle school youth (ages 11-14), along with three physical shipments of brand new resources released each year created by a team of staff, experts, and current youth ministers. Based on the pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Edge Support includes all of the resources you need for a year of ministry including Catechetical, Issue, and Social Edge Nights, Small Group Guides, Retreats, Training, and Liturgy Resources.

Online Platform for Resources, Calendar, and More!

This subscription includes online access to our library of resources as well as physical shipments of our newest resources that come out every March, August, and November. The online platform allows you to create a calendar that your Core team, parents, and teens can see on our Life Teen app. You can create accounts for all of your Core team to view, download, and print the digital resources.

Subscription includes:

  • Edge Nights - Catechetical, Social, and Issue
  • Small Group Guides, Retreats, and Training
  • Song suggestions and Summit leader guide & video for every Sunday Mass
  • Parent letters (in English and Spanish), Flocknote templates, and social media images
  • Franciscan University of Steubenville and Life Teen online training certificate for adult Core team
  • Complimentary coaching sessions to set you up for success
  • Annual parish use of the Edge name and logo

Next steps:

This subscription can be purchased online by selecting “Send Bill to Parish” or paying via credit card. After your purchase is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from our store for your order. Your temporary login information will be sent via email within an hour of completion. Your subscription includes three shipments of resources and the date your subscription begins will impact when those shipments start.

  • Subscription Information

  • Subscription Information

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    The Edge Support and Liturgy Support Subscription provides 3 shipments of middle school youth ministry resources, along with digital access to large group evangelization, small group discipleship, retreats, training, and liturgical planning resources.

    Contact us at support@lifeteen.com for international pricing!


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(1) Life Teen, Edge, Life Night, and Edge Night are trademarked terms and permission for use are included with your subscription. At the termination of the subscription term, if a parish does not renew, right to use these terms is revoked until the subscription is renewed, even if the parish continues to use previously published materials.

(2) All materials included as part of the subscription are copyright protected and reproduction, duplication, publishing, or sharing of materials with non-subscribing parishes or entities is prohibited without prior written permission. This includes publication on parish websites, social media, YouTube, or any other platform designed for the transmission of video, print, or digital resources.