Inspired (Purpose Edition)

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When Was the Last Time You Opened the Bible?

Perhaps it’s part of your daily routine, or maybe you’ve never cracked open the Word of God, thinking it’s too old, too heavy, or too outdated. Nevertheless, this companion will help you navigate this big, heavy, and not the least outdated book. With explanations about its reliability and organization, as well as a brief recap of salvation history and instructions on how to make the Scriptures a part of your daily prayer routine, Inspired is a must have for any teen who wants to know more about this unique book that forms the foundation of the Catholic faith. 

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  • The Mission

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    Inspired will help teens navigate the Bible and provide them with the tools necessary to apply the various lessons and timeless truths found within its many stories to their daily lives.

  • Unique Features

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    • Explains how the Bible is organized and why it is reliable
    • Includes a brief rundown of the entirety of salvation history
    • Provides practical tips on how to start reading the Bible and how to make it a part of your daily prayer routine
    • Incorporates exercises to help you better understand each of the Gospels
    • Gives a glimpse into Mark’s favorite Bible verse
  • About This Author

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    Mark Hart, the Bible Geek, serves as Executive Vice President for Life Teen, Inc. An award-winning author and sought after speaker, Mark is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, Melanie, and their four children.

Who Needs It

Catholic teens, whether they are well-versed in Scripture or have never read a passage before, who express any type of curiosity, apathy, objection, or love toward the Bible. It is especially useful for teens who are participating in Purpose: A Transformative Plan for Confirmation.


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Using This Book

Inspired is a must-have for any Catholic teen. This book is a great resource to have on hand for daily use and would make an especially noteworthy gift for occasions like:

  • Confirmation
  • Youth group retreats
  • Eighth grade graduation
  • The first day of high school
  • The beginning of a small discipleship group