Everything: Experiencing the Power of the Creed

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When we come to know God personally, walking with Him in faith, it changes everything ... our past, our present and, most definitely, our future.

But, what does the Church actually teach about faith and what exactly is she saying through the Creed? Faith all begins in relationship with Jesus Christ and with a willingness to ask the big questions. God only calls us to follow Him — to offer Him everything, and trust that He has already made up for everything else … on the cross, through the sacraments, and in our lives.

This little book is where our Catholic beliefs turn into action. Do you believe?

And, even more importantly, will you give God everything?
  • The Mission

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  • The Mission

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    Everything will help teens navigate the Apostles Creed and all the Catholic Church teaches regarding this ancient Credo, and will provide teens with the tools necessary to apply this act of faith to their daily lives.

  • Unique Features

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    • Breaks down, line-for-line, each section of the Apostles Creed and what each statement proclaims.

    • Encourages teens to ask the hard questions and then inspires them to make a daily act of faith.

    • Provides practical insight into the Catechism and Scripture as it applies to the Creed.

    • Incorporates practical challenges to help teens better internalize the Creed and its meaning to the life of a Catholic-Christian.

    • Gives a glimpse into Mark’s own journey of faith.

    • Includes a unique QR code that links to a private website full of supplementary video resources.

  • About This Author

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    Mark Hartthe Bible Geek, serves as Chief Innovation Officer for Life Teen, Inc. An award-winning author and sought after speaker, Mark is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, Melanie, and their four children.

Who Needs It

Catholic teens, whether they are new to Catholicism or deeply passionate about their faith, who express any desire toward better understanding the basic tenets of the Catholic faith. It is especially useful for teens who are participating in Purpose: A Transformative Plan for Confirmation

Using This Book

Everything is a must-have for any Catholic teen. This book is a great resource to have on hand for daily use and would make an especially noteworthy gift for occasions like: 

  • Confirmation 

  • Youth group retreats 

  • Eighth grade graduation 

  • The beginning of a small discipleship group

  • The first day of high school