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Be a Man?

Although it is a common phrase in today’s world, many men do not know what it means to truly be a man. The conflicting definitions of manhood oftentimes leave men wandering through life with no clear direction or mission. Even worse, the men our culture celebrates as models of masculinity tend to contradict the one, true model: Jesus. As fully man, Jesus is the ultimate model of masculinity. When we are lost in our masculine identity and feel we have nowhere to turn, we can look to the Lord and find clarity as to what our purpose as men is. Are you ready to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and embrace your true masculine identity? 

  • Unique Features

  • About This Author

  • Unique Features

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    • Includes insightful and often amusing stories about Joel’s journey to discover what it truly means to be a man of God
    • Highlights vices and virtues that target the heart of a man in a unique way
    • Designates a section for prayers that promote continued spiritual growth
  • About This Author

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    Joel Stepanek has been actively and passionately involved in ministry for over ten years. What began as a simple internship in a parish youth ministry office evolved into an incredible adventure that led him on numerous middle school lock-ins, high school retreats, parish missions, and ultimately to meet his wife, Colleen. Joel is the Director of Resource Development for Life Teen, loves cooking, weightlifting, spending time with his family, and raising awareness about the disgustingness of kale and all things kale related. Contrary to popular belief, he does not have narcolepsy and does not randomly fall asleep in odd situations.

Who Needs It

Any male teen who wants to discover God’s design for masculine identity.

Using This Book

XY is designed to use on your own, with an accountability partner, or as the basis for a discipleship small group.