Catholic Teen Bible (Paperback) + Inspired Bundle

The Power of the Word

We speak thousands of words every day and probably hear and read even more. Few of them will impact your life, even fewer will change it, and far fewer transform it in a given day. Most will be meaningless and quickly forgotten.

But some words stand the test of time because of the One who spoke them. God’s Word is living and effective (Hebrews 4:12) and has convicted hearts and drawn people into a deeper relationship with God for thousands of years. Do you know these incredible words?

The Catholic Teen Bible from Life Teen is the entirety of Sacred Scripture, undisrupted, with powerful supplementary material that will help you navigate God’s Word, understand it more deeply, and engage the Word of God in prayer and silence. Few words will transform your life – but this Word will. This is more than a book – these are the words of life.

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